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Whether you are after a health and lifestyle check-in or looking for assistance managing a health condition or just wanting to relax and have some me-time, we have you covered at Sacred Naturopathy.

Our aim is to provide exceptional customer service while helping you achieve your health goals.  

Naturopathic and Live Blood Microscopy Consultations

The initial naturopathy appointment will involvdelving deep into your presenting complaint, medical history and family history to understand the root cause of the issue. Any recent test results will also be looked at and further testing may be requested if necessary. Dietary and lifestyle alterations may be prescribed along with herbal and nutritional supplements if needed. Live and dry blood microscopy may be used to obtain further information about your current health status, this is not diagnostic and is used to gather more data about your current health status. This appointment is all about getting to know you, what your goals are, and understanding how we can work together to get you there.

Follow-up naturopathy consults will involve discussing any new information on your presenting complaint, new test results, and more questions will be asked to further explore your health and wellbeing. A check-in on the supplement, dietary and lifestyle recommendations made in the previous appointment will also be conducted to ensure that they are still relevant and needed. Questions are greatly welcomed and further development of the working relationship between the client and practitioner is of the highest importance in all consults. Live and dry blood microscopy can be utilised in 1 hour follow-up consults only. 

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