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Wild Nature

Change your health.
Change your life.

When working with me, you get:

Customised health plans 

Longer consult times

Specialist testing

A collaborative partnership

Individualised diet and lifestyle recommendations

Safe and effective herbal and nutritional medicine

...and so much more!

What is Naturopathy?

Are You Ready For a Change?

Naturopathy is the practice of holistic, natural, client-centered healing which focuses on educating the client and restoring balance to the body. 

Naturopaths often draw on herbal and nutritional remedies along with diet and lifestyle alterations to help clients achieve their desired state of health. This form of medicine can be used alongside' allopathic' or 'western' medicine approaches to fully support the client and achieve the best possible results. 

Yoga at Home

Client Testimonials



"Rachel provided me with the ability to start my healing journey in 2021. Her holistic perspective not only on natural medicine but on life as a whole was extremely inspiring. She has helped me heal through herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle with total support and understanding towards anything I wasn't comfortable doing."

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Listed on Adelaide Examiner as one
of the best naturopaths in Adelaide

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